Our People

Over 150 years of collective renewable energy experience sits within the Zephyr structure and we seek to leverage from those skills.

Zephyr Executive

Justin Couper
Zephyr’s founder, Justin is a highly experienced project manager with comprehensive experience in wind farm execution, having delivered EPC projects with budgets in excess of $400M over the last 10 years. As well as major wind and solar projects, he has initiated and continues to man- age development of hydrogen production infra- structure throughout Australia. Over 20 years ex- perience in the mining and construction industries gives him a thorough understanding of project life cycles. He leads a team of passionate and commit- ted people that deliver projects on time and within budget.
Andrew McPhee
Andrew is an operations, logistics and project management professional with over 15 years experience in public and private sector organisations including the Office of the Coordinator-General in Tasmania, the NSW State Emergency Service, KPMG Australia, PDL-Toll, the Australian Antartic Division, the Australian Defence Force and International Power (Australia).

Andrew has a strong track record in operations and project management; building high performance teams; managing change and driving results.

Sharyn Jones
Sharyn is a communications and stakeholder management specialist with extensive experience in business development throughout Asia and Central Asia. She comes from a marketing, PR and media management background. A co-founder of Zephyr, she is passionate about renewable energy and committed to best practice community engagement. She possesses in-depth knowledge of community engagement requirements and standard practices throughout Australia and aims to bring communities into active participation in Zephyr projects.
Mitch Morison
Interim CFO
A seasoned executive leadership experience in ASX listed and privately-owned companies. Thirty years of experience in rural and regional based industries, including grain, livestock, dairy and fibre sectors, as well as involvement in emerging markets in soil generation, renewable energy and resource recycling. Advised corporates, private equity and sovereign wealth funds as well as industry organisations on business strategy, capital raising, market entry, merger and acquisition projects and industry development initiatives. A member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Zephyr Management

Zephyr’s management team features professionals experienced in company governance, project development and renewable energy. The team work as leaders in their respective fields and are driven by a passion for renewable energy and excellence.

Corporate managers

Alan Evans, Company Secretary

Alan has extensive experience in governance, law, finance and senior executive management. Over 30 years of experience at senior executive level in listed and large public corporations in the energy and resource sectors. Currently director and past chairman of the Governance Institute of Australia.

Brian Hall – Corporate Development & Stakeholder Relations

Brian brings over 25 years of business and product development experience to the Zephyr team spanning tourism, aviation and primary industry. His operational experience includes risk management, compliance and industry workplace training, auditing and assessment.

Operations managers

Dr. Daryl Brown – Environment & Planning

An environmental scientist with 18 years experience in the energy and resources sector. He has managed environmental assessment, compliance, auditing & systems on projects throughout Australia.

Mark Jackson – Engineering

Mark is a highly experienced electrical engineer in the fields of power generation and transmission with a particular focus on renewable energy infrastructure development. Mark is skilled in operational engineering as well as detailed engineering design in generation and transmission of renewable energy and hydrogen.

Our Consulting Arm

Zephyr has an in-house consulting arm. PROJECT.e- has a reputation for quality and a proven track record developing and delivering renewable energy projects around Australia. The concept of Zephyr was born out of the PROJECT.e- leadership’s desire to provide an opportunity for investment into an innovative model of renewable energy development in Australia. While performing different functions, PROJECT.e- and Zephyr remain connected at the highest level.

For more information on PROJECT.e- please visit the website www.projecte.com.au

Revolutionising the way renewable energy is created in Australia.